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An Online Community for Student Travellers.

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We are a hub of information and resources for all students living, studying, travelling and working abroad. It’s a place to get advice from our team and community members, connect with others, and share your experiences with those on the same journey as you.

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All our advice and tips are given from students who have been their themselves. It's trustworthy.

Build Connections

Build connections between students who have already done an exchange abroad with those who are preparing to go.


Offer A Helping Hand

Help calm the initial anxieties of moving to a foreign country and facilitate the process of getting settled in. That's finding the right accommodation, advice on money, safety and how to meet people.


Accuracy & Efficiency

Provide accurate, up-to-date information about destinations around the world under one roof - no more time wasted on scouring the internet for the right information.


Bespoke Itineraries

Offering bespoke travel guides and itineraries for your next adventure. Get in touch for your free consultation.

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Get clued up on your year abroad destination with our thorough online Q&A calls. Check out the calendar for the full schedule. We’ll link the recordings of previous calls under our media centre.

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Our free consultation is an opportunity for you to ask us any travel-related questions. We will then find the answers for you, and get back in touch.

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Join our private Facebook community, Year Abroad Connect Group, to meet other like-minded students, share information and make new friends!

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We are creating a community of young people who are sharing their experiences, inspiring others, and connecting with those on the same journey. The best peer-to-peer advice. By students, for students.


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