Working as a Chalet Host in The Alpes



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Read Time: 5 minutes

The Process

After looking into the various roles available in ski resorts I decided to apply as a chalet host but also made the best decision for myself which was the option of hosting without the cooking! Although I enjoy cooking I felt it was a little too much responsibility and I wouldn’t enjoy my time as much.

I applied to a few companies and got an interview with Bramble Ski, they are a rapidly growing company however, the HQ is based in Verbier which meant all interviews were completed via Skype. I had 2 interviews; the initial one was over the phone with the HR manager, then the next stage was Skype with the director of the company. 

If you don’t hear back from an interview but you feel as though you came across well then do chase them, as if I hadn’t have chased I wouldn’t have got the job! It makes you look interested and even if you haven’t got the position you can ask for feedback. 

“I would recommend the searching process around September time as this is when they are in the peak of looking for new seasonaires to start the season end of November/December.”


The accommodation and travel is organised by the company, you will be asked your preferred departure airport and they will organise the rest. I was placed in St.Anton in Austria which I hadn’t been to, so was really looking forward to spending the next 5 months there. On arrival in resort I was met by a Resort Manger, they showed me the accommodation which was perfect, close to town, clean and with only 6 people in a staff accommodation. It was very manageable. We had a total of about 40 in the team and they were spread throughout different chalets in the resort ( all within walking distance).

With regards to cost, it’s hard to put a price on the monthly rent for the accommodation as this is organised by management and everyone pays the same, which is deducted from your monthly pay. 

Nightlife & Aprés

St.Anton is such a great resort for anyone, there is so much to do in the way of shopping, skiing, cafes, bars and clubbing. You will get the gist of the best seasonaire places to go very quickly. Bobo’s and Tbar is where we spent the majority of our time during the evenings!

This is why I love skiing everything fun in one place, sun is going down after a long day of skiing. We’d then head to KK’S (Krazy Kangeroo) where they have music playing indoors and outdoors and everyone gets involved with dancing on tables all while in your ski gear – it’s great fun, just be careful when skiing back down the mountain! 

Cheap eating isn’t really an option in a ski resort! My friends and I loved to treat ourselves sometimes with an extravagant mountain lunch but usually we would pack snacks and drinks to take up the mountain and find our own space with our friends, speakers and drinks before heading to Aprés. 

“Make sure you check behind the bar for seasonaire discounts, they usually provide you with a card at the beginning of the season but by the end they will definitely recognise you!”


2 items that I would have been lost without, a good speaker and hand cream. Really I didn’t go anywhere without my speaker, whether it be cleaning my chalet, going up the mountain or getting ready for a night out. The mountains get so so dry and I was often using cleaning products which made my hand SO dry to the point of bleeding (not fun) get yourself a good hand cream to prevent this! 

Transport & Money

The whole resort is walkable but they also provide a free bus service which is ideal when doing a food shop and rather then carrying it back up to your accommodation. Taxi’s are also a thing in St.Anton which is quite unheard of in a ski resort. However, every now and again we would use them after a night out but they are quite expensive!

During mid season you can sometimes feel a little cooped up this is a great time to explore a little more what’s outside the resort. We took a train to Innsbruck on our day off which was such a good way to break up the time spent in St.Anton we were able to buy new clothes and fancy dress items of course and also have drinks on a rooftop bar which made us feel extremely civilised for a change! 

Before setting off I ordered a Revolut card, it was so helpful as it connects to your phone and gives you exact currency rates. You also avoid the foreign transaction fee’s which is great as these can really add up! Aside from that I also took about 50euros just to get me through on the other side in terms of food and drink when arriving in Austria.

There really isn’t a need to have take cash with you as when you get into the swing of things you will most likely be rewarded by your guests with tips, it’s hard to say how much and it’s never guaranteed but if you really look after them they will definitely look after you! 

Top 3 Tips?

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