Why You Should Go to Milan For Your Year Abroad

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Beautiful food, beautiful buildings, and beautiful people – it’s no wonder Milan is Italy’s fashion capital. Whether you’re working or studying, there’s something for everyone, with quick trips to the Alps, the lakes, and plenty of other Italian cities. Here are some top tips on making the most of Milan from students who have done it themselves.

The city is amazing and it's full of amazing bars and restaurants


Milan is a beautiful city to live in with stunning architecture literally everywhere you go, delicious food, and very fashionable people. You certainly won’t fail to be impressed. 


There are lots of lovely bars and restaurants in Milan that are affordable – there are so many to recommend! Lots of bars do aperitivo, a traditional Italian affair that includes a cocktail of your choice and buffet, costing between €8 – €12.


I wanted to be in Milan because it is a big city (but not too big) and it has so much going on. Especially for fashion and other things! Milan to me seemed like a wonderful option. Rome seemed a little big and touristy for me and Milan was the next best choice.


Studying here you’ll have lots of free time

Studying is a great option if you want LOTS of free time. For me, this was perfect, because it really allowed me to make the most of the city and was great for taking long weekend trips around Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

You have a wide variety of subjects to pick from but the University is very hit-and-miss. Lecturers will turn up when they want to, and often they don’t turn up with any warning! Welcome to Italy! Many of my friends work here and they also love it so see what works for you.

Beware of the bureaucracy:

Be prepared for lots of bureaucracy and lecturers who only turn up when they feel like it. Italian exams are also something to bear in mind when choosing if you want to study. All exams are done orally and in front of an entire room of students, which is certainly an experience I don’t want to repeat.


The travel options!

The great thing about Milan is that it is so close to everything and you can get a train wherever you want. For example to Venice or Florence which are only 3 hours away. 

I’d recommend going to some of the famous lakes, especially if you’re there in the summer when it’s very hot, as they are perfect for a cooling swim. I visited Lake Como which is just 30 minutes away by train, and explored some of its little, very beautiful towns. 

I also went to Lake Garda, which is a 1 hour 30 minute train journey, and stayed in an Airbnb in the town of Desenzano. I went to Jamaica Beach in Sirmione, which was stunning! I also visited Cinque Terre  which is about 3 hours away by train. Cinque Terre are a conglomeration of 5 gorgeous seaside towns and a lovely place to spend a weekend.

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