3 Ways Business - Minded Students Can Make the Most of Their Travel Experience

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Read Time: 4 minutes

The world has much to offer, and travel is a valuable opportunity that grants us access to new knowledge, fresh understanding and unique experiences. 

We can all benefit from adventure, but if you’re a business student or graduate with aspirations to the corporate world, you may be surprised by the lessons travel can teach you.  

If you’re looking to make the most of your summer or thinking of taking a gap year, check out these three ways to make the most of your next journey.

1. Master budgeting

This seems the most logical first step for any excursion, but you’d be surprised how many young and idealistic travellers fail to fully prepare themselves financially. 

Start with a plan – where will your funds come from? Examine your income and outgoings to find out where you can save and start putting those extras away as soon as possible.

“With great adventure comes great responsibility! Managing your finances in this way is not just good business practice, but a skill that will serve you for life.”

Many travellers also work whilst abroad to fund their nomadic lifestyles – which brings us swiftly to our next point…

2. Start your own business

Do you have a hidden talent? Maybe you’re an artist or a musician? Do you have a marketable skill you can sell at a price? 

This may sound ambitious – after all, many gap year travellers simply pick up jobs at local bars or cafes to pay their way around the world .But with jobs like these comes a degree of routine and restriction – the very thing most of us travel to escape.

“A self-made venture allows you to be your own boss and offers complete freedom and control, whether it’s a temporary measure or laying the groundwork for a future enterprise.”

If you’re hoping to build a following for your trade while travelling, it’s a good idea to get online. Whether you’re selling a physical product or a service, if you’re serious about getting your ambitions off the ground, it’s worth investing in expert advice from pros like Maratopia Digital Marketing who can help you build an online presence and use it well.  

A professional agency will help with building a website, gaining online traction and building a social media following to give your business the right start. 

“If you see a future in small business ownership, it’s never too soon to gain experience.”

3. Networking

Travel will not only send you to new locations, but it will also bring new people into your life, many of whom may become lifelong friends. 

This can be valuable for future business connections, but more importantly, putting yourself out there in new and unfamiliar social situations requires confidence and forces you to quickly make new friends.

The ability to express yourself well and connect with others is crucial for any networking professional, and what better way to learn than out in the world?

We hope these three ideas inspire, not only your future travels, but your ambitions too.

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