Why Valencia?

The architecture is incredible, the old town streets are remarkable and the Spanish cuisine is our favourite. Make sure you visit the Mercado Central, bike ride through Parque Turia and laze around on the Malvarossa beach. The water is lovely and warm right through until November time.


"I absolutely loved my time in Valencia and wouldn’t change anything. Some of the modules are pretty dull but if you do your research you’ll be able to find ones you enjoy."

La ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, apart from maybe in a crazy sci-fi futuristic film. This complex is something that can’t really be explained until you are stood underneath it. Home to L’Umbracle, an outdoor nightclub, an opera house, science and art centres, it’s awesome.

Stroll through Ruzafa

Really cool area of shops, bars and cafes in the centre of Valencia. Book shops that turn into bars, parks that turn into venues, it’s really worth strolling and chilling.

Explore El Carmen & go to the Central Mercat

Stroll through the old town and explore the Central Mercat. It's a beautiful old building and full of a wide range of fresh produce. It also has restaurants to eat inside with delicious Spanish food. It’s open everyday from 8:00-2:00 and always has a buzzing atmosphere. The stand called “Retrogusto CoffeeMates” serves great coffee!

Cycle through Parque Turia

You’ll most likely be treated with days of sunshine on the East coast of Spain so hop on a bike and cycle through Parque Turia and stop off for some freshly squeezed orange juice, famous in Valencia.

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

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  • Walking
  • Bike
  • Public Transport
  • Taxis

One of the best things about Valencia is that you are able to get to most places by walking less than 30 minutes. I rarely get on the metro unless it’s to go to the beach or airport, even though it’s a well connected metro with quite a few stations around the city. Quite a few people have bikes, and there is a bike path around the city.

The 'valenbisi' is a bike scheme which is incredibly popular in Valencia. This is highly pragmatic and given how cheap it is (30 euros for a years subscription) it is definitely worth it, not to mention it is really fun as well! Get yourself a Mobilis card from the Tobaco store. You can put your Valenbisi membership on there (buy online), as well as add metro/bus journeys for a very cheap price. A yearly valenbisi membership is around 20 euros, but is without doubt the most economical and efficient way to get round with the high abundance of bike lanes even on the busiest roads.

The metro is quite good as well, with 2 or 3 lines running through the city. Valencia has 2 train stations that are well connected to other parts of Spain.

Valencia does not have Uber, but it does use “Cabify” and “Free Now” which are similar. BlaBlaCar is great to get to other cities in Spain. Also, renting a car and going with friends is also relatively easy and usually costs less then train fares.

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“Hi everybody, I'm Dan and I spent the best part of my year abroad studying at ‘La Universitat de Valencia’ before heading to Santa Marta on the Colombian northern coast to teach at a small charity called ‘Colombia Sin Fronteras’. It was an amazing year and there’s nothing I enjoy more than talking about it so please get in touch! More than happy to help."

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