The Best Day Trips from Melbourne

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There’s so much to see with just a few hours’ drive from Melbourne. From amazing beaches to Attenborough-worthy wildlife. So take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and see Melbourne’s beautiful backyard.

Yara Bend Park

My favourite spot in the whole of Melbourne, just out past Abbotsford – great cycle and walking tracks, you can even rent a peddle boat. But the most special thing about this park is that it’s home to one of the largest colonies of fruit bats in all of Victoria. head to BellBird picnic area around sunset to watch thousands of them wake up and fill the crimson sky Half moon bay – A beach 35 or so minutes by train out of the city but very accessible. The water is aqua blue out here and very inviting, you’ll be able to throw your towel down wherever as it’s usually pretty empty. Fish and chips on the beach for sunset is highly advised.

Great Ocean Road

Iconic to Melbourne, you have to experience the Great Ocean Road. On your journey to the iconic 12 Apostles, stop off to see Koalas, Volcanic Plains and National Parks. Once you’ve enjoyed this breathtaking drive across the 243-kilometre stretch of road, you’ll arrive at the 12 apostles dramatically set out at sea, providing unreal views of what nature has to offer. Access to the site is completely free and allows access to walks along the headland or even down to the beach.

Wilson's National Park

Situated 3 hours from Melbourne, kangaroos and wombats roam freely in this gorgeous slice of paradise. Whether you want to hike, surf, or relax on the beach Wilson’s prom is the spot. The view from the top of Mount Oberon is stunning and a pretty cruisy climb. Camping is advised but be sure to book a spot in advance, with the main campsite located at Tidal River Reserve. For the more adventurous types there are secluded campsites you can hike to on the other side of the peninsula. The treks are meant to be rewarding and very worth it to have your own secluded beach side camp spot. If you’re not able to book a spot there is a free campground 30 minutes outside the National park called Franklin River Reserve.

Top Tip

The Grampian's National Park

3 hours from Melbourne, the Grampians national park with it’s iconic sandstone mountains, wallabies and breathtaking views. On the Grampians Peak Trail you can experience several lakes and waterfalls, before reaching the summit for astonishing panoramic views. Look out spots include Reids lookout, Boroka lookout, Jaws of Death and MacKenzie Falls, so make sure you have time to experience them all! The park is either accessible by car, or by taking trains and busses, or even by joining a tour, although these can sometimes be over-budget.

St Kilda Beach

From Melbourne, take a 30 minute train down to St Kilda; the perfect cove for backpackers and foodies alike. Here, you can spot the scary Luna Park’s entrance or even enjoy some crazy rides. Lining the streets, there are mixes of kooky cafe’s to fine-dining restaurants, or even head to European cake shops where you can find pastries the size of your hand! In the evening, pubs and music venues come to life where you can have a beer and enjoy the buzz. If you fancy penguin spotting, you can find these fluffy creatures on St Kilda’s shores when the sun goes down!

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