10 Essential Travel Items You Need In Your Backpack

Whether backpacking for over a month or just getting away for a long weekend, we’ve got you covered. So, stop those scribbles of packing reminders on those pieces of paper sprawled across your room, and save this page for the 10 absolute essential travel items you need to remember for your next adventure.  

By Sophie Mayhew

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1. A Portable Charger

These days, we use so many clever apps on our phones to get around, pinpoint must-see sights, track down friends and pay for things! Carrying a fully charged portable charger is therefore totally essential. 

Keeping your phone always charged and on hand also makes you feel much safer. When travelling, often things can go wrong or not go to plan, and so having that phone with access to emergency contacts and wifi to look up alternative options is important. 

Spend that little bit extra on a power bank that’s capable of multiple charges – invest in one that has a high charging capacity and a dual USB output. 

Buy yours here.

Alongside portable chargers, travel adapters are a bit of a must when travelling further overseas. It’s also something we so easily forget, but it’s pretty vital to keep our portable charger charged and then our phones!  Buy yourself that all-in-one universal adapter that can be used in any country.

3. Padlock

When travelling between hostels, you’re going to need a padlock to put on your locker so you can get rid of your load and head out to explore. Some hostels provide padlocks but for an extortionate fee, so make sure this is something you buy beforehand. Check out the link here to buy yours.

4. Bumbag / Shoulder Bag

With a low profile and being lightweight, this bag is perfect to keep all your daily items such as a phone, headphones, money and travel documents. You can wear it under a shirt and the clip on the back is on the side of the bag so it can’t be removed easily. It can even fit your kindle.  We love this Eastpak bag

5. Eye mask

You never quite know what you’re gonna get when you rock up to that hostel or accommodation you’ve booked last minute for the night. One way you can at least attempt a decent night’s sleep is by packing your eye mask. Had a big night out but other travellers are up at the crack of dawn? Roll over and pull that mask over your eyes to kip for another few hours.  

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6. Earplugs

Again, other travellers can be noisy, so make sure you pack earplugs for those banging around late at night or early in the morning – or worse, those pesky snorers!

Buy yours here.

7. Reusable water bottle

An absolute essential – your reusable water bottle. The metal flasks are the best; perfect for keeping your water cool or for keeping your tea hot, the metal water bottles are the way to go. Pssst – they’re also SUPER cool.

8. Phone case with lanyard

To avoid pickpocketers or constantly feeling around for your phone, grab yourself a phone sling with a detachable & adjustable cord, cardholder and keychain all in one. Check out the amazing Pockiesling.

Get 15% off when you use the code ‘STTPOCKIE15’ 

9. Travel towel

Microfibre travel towels take up a fraction of space in your rucksack, whilst being fast absorbing and quick drying. Grab yours here.

10. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are your best friend when travelling. Instead of having all your clothes crammed in and scrunched up in your backpack/suitcase, packing cubes are a genuine saviour. They bring order to the chaos! They compress your clothes and take up less space, and are basically just the best thing ever – perfect for that traveller who is always overflowing with clothes.

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Do you have any tips of your own that you’d like to share? Then let us know in the comments below or send us a DM @studenttraveltipsuk on Instagram.

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