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Summer Jobs that Keep Summer Going

As John Mayer once so-truthfully sang: “A little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about”. Still, that little bit of summer can turn out to be a whole lotta expensive, which usually requires you to spend those coveted sunny days earning money in not-so-sunny places. Well, not anymore.

If you’re keen to make some money while having a kick-ass summer holiday, read on. The following student jobs have been tried and tested by students who took “earning money while doing what you love” to a whole new level.

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Music Festival Worker

Attending music festivals is probably one of the most popular summer activities that students long for during the year. Unfortunately, it is often one of the most expensive activities as well. Some weekend festivals will cost you no less than £300, which is more than most students can afford. Luckily, because these festivals need loads of staff to make everything run smoothly, you can (legally and literally) work your way around these crazy ticket prices. Whether you’re bartending or flipping burgers, you’ll get free access to the event you are working at while also being paid for your work. Most festivals allow their staff to choose the acts they wish to see and work out their shifts according, so you probably won’t have to be scrubbing pans while others get a front-row spot to your favourite artist’s act. This is honestly one of the best summer jobs out there, so make sure you don’t miss out.


Make all your Baywatch-dreams come true with this Summer job. Lifeguards get paid a lot more than you might think – like, £10-20 an hour-a-lot – and typically don’t have to look like Olympian swimmers to do the job (contrary to what Zac Efron would have you believe). You could look for lifeguarding work at holiday resorts, waterparks or popular beach destinations, which would allow you to enjoy all of these hotspots while earning some cash. The tan, red bathing suit and whistle are all bonuses to this gig that are sure to get you into that summer state of mind. Honestly, it’s what dreams are made of.

Summer Camp Counsellor

This one might require a bit more enthusiasm from your side, but working as a summer camp counsellor is also a very attractive option when it comes to earning money while enjoying typical holiday activities. Since these camps are so popular, you have a wide range of destinations to choose from where you can partake in activities such as hiking, canoeing and rock-climbing. Yes, you might have to tolerate a few snotty kids in the process, but also will have the opportunity to explore your surroundings during your off-time. This is especially a good idea if you prefer spending time in nature during your holiday. I mean, what sounds better than roasting marshmallows on a stick and getting paid to do so? Very little, my friend. That’s why summer camp jobs are all the rage right now.

Theme Park Employee

Let’s be honest, you might not be twelve anymore, but the idea of a theme park probably still gets you buzzing. There’s no greater feeling in the world than hearing the “tick-tick-tick” of a climbing roller coaster followed by hysterical screams of exhilaration. A dream, isn’t it? Well, if you work at a theme park you can actually get paid to experience that feeling over and over again. Just as with summer camps, theme parks are extremely popular, which provides you with a world of possibilities when it comes to summer destinations to spend your time off in. Again, you’ll have to work and your shifts aren’t always very flexible, but you’ll still be earning some serious dough to spend in between shifts.

Having to work during Summer might not seem so enticing at first, but as soon as you get that first paycheck, it will all be worth it. There’s no greater freedom like being able to spend money on your summer holiday without “accidentally” blowing your rent in the process. Besides, part-time jobs such as these can be added to your resume, which makes it a professional as well as a financial endeavour. So whether you prefer to fill your summer holiday with music festivals, suntans, campfires or theme-park rides, you’ll always have a way to make money while doing what you love.

Rebekka Venter is a South African-born Linguistics Honours grad who is passionate about connecting young talent with the employment market through her work for StudentJob UK.

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