Why St.Petersburg?

St Petersburg is a truly fabulous city. The architecture is amazing, you can walk around the city every day and see something different and amazing each time. The people are generally friendly, there is no more danger than in any other large European city. There are lots of restaurants catering for every taste, as well as more and more restaurants being vegetarian and vegan-friendly. There is so much to do and see in St Petersburg and the surrounding towns.


Peterhof Palace

An incredible palace and gardens, can't miss it. Dates back to 1700s and is a direct response to the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France.

Watch Zenit Football Club

Going to a new city you want to feel the buzz of it's local people. One way to always do that is by watching the local football team. Zenit are one of the top teams in Russia and their stadium is quite the spectacle.

Dumskaya Street

This street and also Rubenstein Street light up at night and on weekends for going out and partying. Maybe now isn't the time but in the future, this is the spot to party in the city.

Eat Borscht at Katyusha

You have to try some local Russian cuisine and this is the place to go. Katyusha serves up the finest Borscht in St.Petersburg and it's incredible. Enjoy! 

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The metro is very efficient in St.Petersburg. It's a very beautiful metro with long escalators and impressive architecture. It costs around 50 roubles for a ticket which is around 40p and this is the same for the bus and tram also.

Download Yandex for Taxis as it's so cheap and perfect for after nights out.

Lake Baikal, Vladivostok and Kamchatka are truly magical places and Sochi is a fabulous place for an end of term summer holiday! There are loads of flights and trains per day to Moscow.

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