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São Paulo

Why São Paulo?

The megatropolis that is São Paulo is a popular destination for students looking to find an internship or study at one of the highest rated universities in South America. The city can seem overwhelming with an abundance of shops, restaurants and bars in each area. Getting to know the city will keep you interested and busy for months on end. The Brazilian energy and music teeming out of bars on Rua Augusta and Paulista will help you through long days stuck in traffic or on the metro.


"I went for Universidade of São Paulo because it is the highest rated University in the whole of Latin America and São Paulo as a city looked really interesting. Most people associate Brazil with the tropical beaches but I thought I needed more than just that for 5 months so picked the city life, knowing that I could use weekends etc. to travel."
University of Nottingham

Jardin Public

Located in the centre of the city is the Jardin Public, a leafy park with botanical gardens. On a hot day, pack a picnic and nestle yourself beneath one of the trees in the arboretum with a book. In summer the park also hosts Bordeaux Open Air, showcasing international electronic music in a series of massive, free raves.

Base Sous-Marine

During WW2, Bordeaux was used by the Germans as a strategic position for their naval operations in the Atlantic. Base sous-marine, originally built to house Nazi U-boats, has now been repurposed as a modern art gallery and event space. It is not one to be missed!

Le Miroir D’Eau

Found on the Garonne’s banks, the miroir d’eau is the world’s biggest reflective water pool. In summer, the ‘mirror’ slowly fills and drains, firing a cloud of vapour out of the ground at the end of every cycle. A perfect evening spot for enjoying a bottle of local wine, alfresco, in the chaleur of the southern French sun.

Darwin Eco-système

Cross to the east bank and visit Darwin. This disused railway depot transformed into a modern cultural hub with a fantastic restaurant, a coffee shop serving locally roasted coffees, an organic supermarket, frequent flea-markets, street art exhibitions and even a skatepark! An perfect industrial antidote to the medieval metropole back across the waters.



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As in any big city, there’s various ways of getting around. Popular in São Paulo is the Metro, Ubers, Buses and bikes due to the massive cycle path which passes through the city. The metro system is also very modern and great, with tickets costing roughly 80p. It is reliable and fast.
Uber is very cheap and is very safe. A 20 minute journey will be £3-4, so if you are travelling in a group it is often the cheapest/safest way to get around.

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