Why Salzburg?

Situated close to the border of Austria and southern Germany, the fortress of Hohensalzburg, surrounded by baroque churches, sits like a glistening diamond atop the northern boundaries of the Alps. A UNESCO world heritage site and the birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg doesn’t just offer stunning views and opportunities for exploring nearby beauty spots, but also a rich and varied cultural programme. Head out there and discover that, while the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music, there’s more to Salzburg than just Julie Andrews!



Probably the biggest attraction in Salzburg is the city itself. Overlooked by the imposing medieval Hohensalzburg fort, the colourful old town is full of pristine baroque churches and gorgeous old houses. Go on a crisp, sunny Alpine afternoon and admire the architecture; an odd mix of Italian, traditionally Germanic, and imperial Habsburgian styles.

Galerie 5020

While the Museum der Moderne (MdM) is a must-see for any art aficionados, the ever changing, constantly refreshed collection Galerie 5020 is the secret sauce of the Salzburg modern art scene. Check out what is happening on their website!

The Lakes

While Salzburg is a gorgeous city, its beauty pales in comparison to the surrounding countryside! This is especially true of the alpine lakes Attersee and Mondsee which lie to the east of the city. Go for a day-trip or a long weekend of hiking and swim in the clearest, bluest water imaginable, surrounded by snow capped mountains!

Leopoldskroner Weiher/Almkanal

When you imagine Salzburg you probably imagine it covered in snow, but summers there can get pretty roasty toasty, and is frequently +30°C. If you need to cool off, head over to the Almkanal for a swim in the refreshing water, direct from Untersberg! Don’t forget to check out the Leopoldskroner Weiher house and gardens while you’re there!

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Transport in the city is borderline non-existent. There’s a train service which stops in some suburbs and a pretty decent bus service but, other than that, it’s walking or cycling! Salzburg is small enough to be entirely walkable though. If you live centrally you should have very little problem at all getting around! 

As you move further out of town things start to get a bit trickier and, should you decide to live truly ‘am Land’ then a car might be the only option available.

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