Roadtripping: How to Have a Wonderful Getaway by Car

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Travelling by car abroad brings with it a great sense of freedom that you otherwise don’t get. Freedom to change your plans, visit more remote places and travel with friends. The popularity of car travel has increased ten fold during the pandemic. If you are planning to travel by road, there are measures worth taking to make your trip a little safer and more enjoyable. Despite the convenience driving offers, it is useful to organize your road trip ahead of time. Here are a few tips that will make your escape a little easier.

Create a Schedule

One of the benefits of traveling by car is the flexibility this offers you. Despite this, I’d always recommend having a rough schedule to follow, avoiding feeling overwhelmed by plans and changes. Stopping through new cities, make sure you have an idea of where to park, how to pay for parking, and the different road signs abroad and what they mean.

Take the scenic route!

Part of the fun of travelling is always the journey! It is often exciting to choose a route through country roads. It may take you longer to get to your destination, but you can stop through local villages on the way, learn more about culture and cuisine, as well as just appreciate the rolling country hills or beautiful scenery. My favorite road trip to date was driving along the Cote D’Azur from Nice to Ventimiglia.

Avoid places that have a lot of traffic

In truth, it is not always easy to predict which roads will be busy, but it is generally accepted that roads passing through large cities are usually heavily congested. A good tip is to rent or buy a SatNav, which will be programmed to the country you’re in, or use Google Maps, which often shows congested roads. My biggest tip would be to ask! If you’re stopping for the night at a BnB or passing through a town for lunch, ask locals which route they recommend or even where they recommend visiting.

Always have all the necessary driving documents with you

Before you even leave, make sure you have researched exactly what the requirements are and have a print out of all the documents you need. If you are hiring a car, research what car you feel comfortable using, and always ask them what documents you need as well. On top of this, if you will be travelling through rural areas, I’d recommend having the necessary car safety kit to avoid getting stuck; a jump rope, spare wheel or spare fuel are a must.

Do not forget the first aid kit

Make sure you have a fully equipped first aid kit to meet any emergencies. Road trips are very unpredictable, and you have to anticipate every eventuality. If you have used something from your pharmacy before, be sure to make up for what is missing.

Always inform someone about the places you have visited and passed

The excitement of the trip should not make you forget about safety. Ensure you always inform someone about your plans and the places you have visited or intend to visit. Carry a battery pack for your phone, share your location with friends, and always have an idea for some safe places to top, busy towns or hotels for example.

Use a car hire service

If you want to rent a car, don’t forget to ask all the necessary questions; if the car has been adequately cleaned and meets the Covid hygiene protocol, if it has been recently MOT’ed, what fuel it takes, check for any bumps and scratches and make sure those are listed so later you won’t be charged. There’s a lot that comes with renting a car, once you have done it a few times, it will be a walk in the park. A rental vehicle not only offers you flexibility in your movements but can be ideally adapted to your personal needs. By choosing the company Enjoy Travel, you can choose from a huge range of vehicles to travel safely and reliably at the best prices, with great customer care, they can help you with a lot of the scary first-time-rental questions you may have!

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