Why Palermo?

In Palermo, there is something for every student. Thanks to the Byzantine, Greek, Arab and Norman empires – and not forgetting Garibaldi – the capital of Sicily has a colourful past and an even more vibrant present. Explore the historic centre under the Mediterranean sun, use street food to navigate you through its cobbled lanes and party into the night at Vucciria until the market opens the next morning. Thanks to the disobedient drivers, loud shouting and dramatic gesticulation nothing quite compares to this city, and we have compiled an insider’s guide to prove it.


"The Sicilian capital is a great place to start exploring everything the beautiful island has to offer."

Il Cattedrale di Palermo

Visit Palermo’s Cathedral for free, or nab yourself a student discount on the roof-top tour where you there is an amazing 360° view of the entire city. Prepare yourself for a spiral staircase, and perhaps think twice before going up here if you have vertigo.

Teatro Massimo

Palermo's Opera House is a stunning building inside and out. A week before some of the shows start running, tickets to the final dress rehearsal are released at a very reduced price for students. You can get tickets through the ESN, or enquire directly at the theatre.

La Spiaggia di Mondello

Mondello is the city’s most popular local beach and is just a short bus ride away from the city centre. Catch the bus from via Roma, but make sure to buy tickets from a newsagents or tobacconist beforehand and validate it when you get on board. Vendors patrol the beach selling beer & snacks so don’t worry about packing lunch.

Monte Pellegrino & La Grotta di Santa Rosalia

Climb 606m of Mount Pellegrino for stunning views of the city and coast. If you can wake up early enough, it’s the perfect place to watch the sun rise. Whilst you’re up there, make sure to visit the Grotto of Saint Rosalia, a church built into the mountain face in which the bones of the patron saint - Saint Rosalia - are buried.

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

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Palermo has a foot-friendly city centre!

There's a (fairly) reliable bus service, so be sure to check timetables when you arrive. For getting around the island, I recommend trains or buses but prepare yourself for southern-italian style delays.

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