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Our Community Members have spent their Year Abroad in many different destinations around the world and are available to share their experiences with you. We ask that you read our house rules before registering and sending your message.

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"Hi I’m Rosie and I worked as a language assistant in Aix-en-Provence and in Salzburg in 2020/21. I love exploring different parts of the world and finding their hidden treasures. Since my year abroad fell in the middle of the pandemic I was limited to outdoor adventures but this turned out to be a lot of fun! I’d be happy to share the parks, swimming spots, walks, lakes and beaches that I found during my term in lockdown! I’m also here for any other tips or queries in general"


"Hello! I’m Liv and I did my year abroad in Madrid & Valencia. I was mainly remote working for a eco-tech start-up - which sounds fancy but my day to day was me sat on the couch. Message me about any worries or dilemmas you have with regards to the whole process of moving abroad!"


"Hi I’m Tom and I am currently on my year abroad in Copenhagen. I am studying Politics at the University of Copenhagen. Feel free to ask me anything about Denmark or any queries you have about moving abroad during COVID-19."


“Hi I’m Alfie and I studied in Valencia and worked in Brazil on my year abroad in 2018/19. I absolutely love banging on about travel and languages so get in touch if you have any questions about South America, Erasmus life in Spain and tips on learning a language. I’m here to help!”

Izzy Vivian


"Hey, I’m Izzy! I graduated from the University of Bristol in July 2020 and spent my year abroad studying at Université La Sorbonne in Paris and then taught English to business professionals for six months in Madrid. I had the best time and learnt so much over the year. I’d love to help with any questions you might have about living in France and Spain, studying at a French uni or finding a work placement in Spain!"


"Hi! I’m Becca and I worked for both of my year abroad placements (2018-2019); firstly as an English Teaching Assistant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and secondly as a Sports Social Media Intern at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal. Although very different professional and cultural experiences, I loved them both equally and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about either of the jobs or cities!"


"Hi I’m Kit, I am from near Brighton and study Russian and Spanish at Manchester university. In Colombia, I worked at a language immersion school, and helped with various things including social media, running the hostel side of the things. In Russia I was studying in Saint Petersburg state university and had to leave after 6 weeks during covid but learnt a lot about the city in the short time.


"Hi, I’m Sasha and I study Spanish at university. I have just finished the most amazing year abroad in Madrid. Having lived and worked in the incredible city for 10 months, it started to feel like home! I already want to go back to live there again! There is still so much I want to explore there."


"Hi, I spent the first term at Bologna University and I then worked remotely for a Florence based cultural Magazine. The Italian University system is mind boggling so if anyone is stressed about this please reach out to me! I’ve travelled through Italy for years and years and have a lots of Italian family there, if you want any advice on where to go and what to do I’d love to share what I know."


"Hey i’m Sam, I spent the first half my year abroad in the South of Spain in La Línea while working for EY in Gibraltar. Then in 2021 i’m studying in Tomsk in Siberia for the Russian. I will also be working next summer in Spain as well. Having a great time and am very happy to help with searching for placements in Spain, planning a year abroad during covid, anything Russian and general Latin American advice."


"Hi, my name is Augusta and my favourite way to discover a new place is through their food. I grew up in Switzerland and love country hoping whenever I can but cannot seem to stay away from Greece. During my gap year in 2017 I flew around the world in 80 days stopping on the east coast of Australia and in the US. Always happy to have a chat about traveling, moving to a new country, food, different cultures, how to organise your next trip and fun ways to make the most of your time there! "


“Hiya, I’m Daniel and I volunteered in Peru and worked in Lisbon on my year abroad in 2018/2019. I try to go travelling as much as possible and am always looking forward to the next trip ahead! Feel free drop to me a message if you want any tips about South America, Lisbon, backpacking, learning languages or the Year Abroad in general.”


"Yes, yes, yes, i'm Billy and i've been very fortunate / worked hard to have travelled to around 130 countries, so it's a big big passion of mine! My motto is "there is no where that you can't get to" and i try to push that as much as possible especially when it comes to remote islands where i'm trying to seek out pristine reefs; but you're just as likely to find me at the top of a mountain. Always down to share tips and trade stories, remote islands, the Pacific and Central Asia is probably where i will be most helpful! "

Indi Officer Student Travel Tips


"Hello! I’m Indi and I’m currently on my year abroad in Italy and France. I’m studying in Turin and working at a literary agency in Paris. I’m happy to talk about anything travel, so let me know if you have any questions - particularly about Italy, France, or what it’s like moving abroad in the middle of a global pandemic!"


“Hi everybody, I'm Dan and I spent the best part of my year abroad studying at ‘La Universitat de Valencia’ before heading to Santa Marta on the Colombian northern coast to teach at a small charity called ‘Colombia Sin Fronteras’. It was an amazing year and there’s nothing I enjoy more than talking about it so please get in touch! More than happy to help."


"Hi I’m Gemma, and I’ve been helping out at STT since the start of 2019. After visiting 37 countries, I am currently living and working at an International School in Dubai, UAE. During my University placement year, I worked in Phuket, Thailand at an International School where I travelled around Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia & Sri Lanka in the Summer holidays. I have lots of tips about the UAE, Australasia, Indonesia or inter-railing around Europe and am willing to help in any way I can!!"


"Hi I’m Isaac and I spent 2018/19 studying and working in Canberra, Australia and also travelled to New Zealand and South Asia. I loved my year down under and am more than happy to answer any questions you may have."


"Hey I’m Hannah and I studied for a year in Melbourne, Australia. Although slightly unconventional I had the best year ever and couldn’t love Melbourne more. Get in touch if you want any advice on studying down under."


“Hi, I’m Emma! I decided to split my time between France & Spain for my year abroad. I worked at a small consulting firm on the outskirts of Paris and a language school in the heart of Seville (Spain) as an English language assistant/the odd translation. I had a rocky start in Paris (my original internship fell through and I fell victim to an accommodation scam) but I like to think I came through the experience stronger and wiser! My time in Seville was a lot smoother and I ended up loving the south of Spain so much that I’m back here now, this time working in Jaén as a British Council Language Assistant. Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions about living/working in Paris, Seville or Jaén. I’ll try my best to answer them! "

Daisy Student Travel tips


"Hi I’m Daisy, in my 3rd year studying French and Portuguese. I spent a semester in Toulouse, so please get in touch if you want any advice on things to do in Toulouse (and other cool towns in and around Toulouse), or if you want any recommendations for some cool places to eat and drink! I then studied at the University of Porto and tried to tackle the difficult visa process."


"Hi, I’m Ella and I’m currently a third year student at SOAS University in central London. My favourite thing in the world is learning about different cultures, hence my love for East Asia and travel in general, and I can’t wait to get back out there exploring :)"


"Hi, I’m Nick and I lived and worked in Berlin and Barcelona on my year abroad in 2018/19. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about working in Germany or Spain, travel in Latin America, or keeping your languages up to speed!"


"Hi I’m Amy! I studied Spanish and French at the University of Cambridge, and graduated in 2020. I love languages and I love travelling – the Year Abroad was probably the best year of my life! I spent my YA in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. The experience inspired me to move abroad after uni, and I now work in marketing for a tech start-up in Paris. Happy to help with any YA questions, or any questions on finding a grad job abroad! Also happy to give tips on travelling and living in South America!"


"Hi I’m Joe, a recent graduate from the University of Bristol. I studied in Bogotá, Colombia at the Universidad de Los Andes before going to Lisbon, Portugal to work as a Translation and Communications Intern at a translation company."


"Hi I’m Toby- ask me anything! Can talk about Portugal and Mexico all day long, Switzerland, France, Spain a lot but a little less. In Portugal I worked for a tech start-up as a marketing intern and for a small consultancy firm in Mexico City."


"Hi I’m George and I worked in Frankfurt on my year abroad in 2018/19. I graduated in 2020 in German and Philosophy. I’m now living and studying in London and am more than happy to help with any questions re living and working in Germany."


"Hi I’m Poppy and currently on my year abroad in Paris, working as a translator at a law firm, which I am absolutely LOVING. Last semester I was in Valencia, studying at the Universitat of València, which was also an incredible experience and very different to working in Paris! I’m happy to help you with general info on Valencia and Paris, accommodation advice and applying for a French visa since this is a new thing for Brits wanting to work in France and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t complicated…"


"Salut I’m Annabel and I study French and Italian. I decided not to go to France and instead chose Switzerland for my Year Abroad. I have been working in Lausanne since August and LOVE IT. I would really recommend branching out and going somewhere where none of your uni mates are going as you really have to throw yourself in at the deep end. I am moving to Milan at the end of February and cannot wait. Hit me up with absolutely any questions you have about travel, worries/anxieties (I have had my fair share), work placements (I chose work for both) or just year abroad in general. Ciao for now!"

Anna Student Travel Tips


"Hi guys I’m Anna! I worked in Paris for my year abroad in 2017/18. I have always loved travelling and volunteering abroad, and I am about to move to Uganda for my job with a music charity. Please feel free to come to me if you have any questions, or want to have a chat about anything!"


"Hi there, I’m Lucy! I did my year abroad in Berlin in 2018. I studied at the University of Humboldt and lived in Friedrichshain, East Berlin. I had an amazing time and would be happy to chat about anything – whether about the uni life, the different areas you could live in, restaurant recommendations, flat searches, nightlife…Always happy to help!"


"Hi guys I’m Matthew! I spent half a year teaching in the most beautiful city in the world, Vienna, through the British Council. I then moved over to Zaragoza in Spain where I taught English at the University there. Let me know if you have any questions! It’ll be the best year of your life, trust me."


"Hi I’m Hannah and I spent my year abroad working in Paris and Milan and I now work full-time in digital marketing. Feel free to contact me for any tips on living in Paris and Milan, finding work abroad or the year abroad in general."

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