Why Munich?

Living in Munich is a quality experience. Thoroughly German. Nestled alongside jaw-dropping lakes and mountains and right in the heart of Europe, this Bavarian capital has become a seriously desirable destination. Take in the serene historical centre before unwinding like a local at one of the city’s legendary beer halls. Oktoberfest is just one of several raucous traditional beer festivals to enjoy here, but look further and you’ll find a city both ancient and modern, with something for everyone. Despite some higher prices, Munich is a unique experience and we’re sure you’ll agree.


"Munich's attraction is just as much about what's outside the city than in it. There are so many cool lakes and mountains surrounding the city. They are all accessible via train, most in less than an hour."


Not too much of a surprise really - this lavish (September) festival is beer-soaked mayhem, but also a real slice of Bavarian tradition and culture. Booking early and organising travel is essential. If Oktoberfest doesn’t work out for you, the city is home to several other similar events throughout the year.


Perfectly located with stunning mountain ranges at the city’s doorstep, quick trips to ski resorts are easy from Munich. Alpsee-Grünten, Oberjoch and Garmisch-Partenkirchen are some stand-out spots for winter sports fans.

Englischer Garten

Munich’s stunning park has it all: lush green spaces, areas to swim and even surf. Yes, surfing. The Eisbach river leads right into the park and throughout the year you’ll be able to see surfers catching waves in the centre of the city. A must-see.


Everything you want from a food market. Busy, vibrant and traditional. This hub for all things culinary is seriously impressive and a delight for the senses. Get your local bites here.

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

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Cycling is ideal in Munich, and can save you a lot of cash. The public transport system can end up being quite expensive and the city isn’t huge, so a bike is a top recommendation.

Most of the best spots outside the city are easily accessible by train: Ammersee, Cheimsee to name just a couple...

The public transport system isn’t 24-hour so a taxi may be the best way back after a night out...or the first train in the morning.

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