Why Milan?

Favouring frivolity over frugality, Milan is a city that could be described as haute-couture. It may be most famous for la moda italiana, but Italy’s second city is gaining a reputation for far more than just fashion week. Home to 200,000 students – around 14,000 of which are Erasmus – one can easily imagine that Milan is the kind of city that never quite sleeps. From sipping Campari alongside the canals in Naviglia to taking a train to the luxurious lakes of Lombardy, Milan is far from a diamond in the rough: it is a sparkling gem in Italy’s cosmopolitan crown.


"I wanted to be in Milan because I have been to many cities in Italy but had not yet been to Milan. It is a big city (but not too big) and it has so much going on. Especially for fashion and other things! Milan to me seemed like a wonderful option."

Fondazione Prada

This is the best modern art museum in town and the best place for views of Milan and the Lombardian mountains that surround it. With a cinema, workshops, exciting exhibitions, a bar, a restaurant and an observatory, you could spend your whole weekend in here without getting bored.

Parco Sempione

This vast park overlooks Sforza Castle and is surrounded by a great selection of bars and restaurants on the nearby strip. Some call it Milan’s take on Central Park…and the locals would say it’s far better.

Mag Cafè

There are many aperitivi spots in Milan, but Mag Café is the best one. Find it on the Navigli canals where the Milanese congregate for cocktails after work.

Le Trottoir alla Darsena

Home to ‘art, culture and entertainment’ this is our experts’ favourite bar where you can find locals and live music late into the night. As for vibes, this place is unrivalled.

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 


Destinations  > Italy > Milan Our Top Restaurants in Milan Elegant and refined Milan is best known as being Italy’s fashion capitol.

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  • Taxis

The transport company is called ATM and you can find all the travel information you need on their website or app.

Use E-bikes

Definitely get a student travel card, it costs €25 per month, but gets you unlimited travel on the metro, trams, and buses. You'll need to fill out some forms at one of the ATM offices (I did mine at the Duomo station) but it’s pretty straight forward and 100% worth it

There is also Uber in Milan, as well as the e-bikes and e-scooters! Citymapper is a great app to help you get around that gives you the quickest routes everywhere.

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Annabel Roest

"Salut I’m Annabel and I study French and Italian. I decided not to go to France and instead chose Switzerland for my Year Abroad. I have been working in Lausanne since August and LOVE IT. I would really recommend branching out and going somewhere where none of your uni mates are going as you really have to throw yourself in at the deep end. I am moving to Milan at the end of February and cannot wait. Hit me up with absolutely any questions you have about travel, worries/anxieties (I have had my fair share), work placements (I chose work for both) or just year abroad in general. Ciao for now!"

Hannah Rankine

"Hi I’m Hannah and I spent my year abroad working in Paris and Milan and I now work full-time in digital marketing. Feel free to contact me for any tips on living in Paris and Milan, finding work abroad or the year abroad in general."

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