Why Medellín?

Dubbed the most dangerous city in the world no longer than 25 years ago to being one of the most exciting, hippest cities in the world, there is a lot to say about Medellín. Known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ there’s never not a good time to visit the Antioquia capital. You can spend months getting to know this city but it’ll only take you days to fall in love with it’s character. Take your time learning of it’s gruesome history and the new, creative vibe of Comuna 13. Don’t miss out on the food, Bandeja Paixa is the main dish, which you must try! It’s definitely worth visiting the local towns: Santa Elena and Guatapé are stand outs.


"We always went out for drinks after work and dancing too. I felt part of a family kind of team. A lot of students were travellers passing through and so the atmosphere was very relaxed. I would definitely do it again!"


This is an unforgettable experience. Medellín is situated within a valley so going over the city you can see it all and it’s truly spectacular. A good company is Magical Tours, with whom the excursion will cost around £45.

Watch an Atletico Nacional Football Game Live

Whether you’ve been to a match before or not, you will not be prepared for the experience at a football game in Medellín. If you pay on the night and get tickets outside the stadium, it costs around 25,000 pesos. It gets a bit rowdy in South Stand, but if you’re brave enough, it is good fun.

Stroll through Manila/El Poblado

This is just a great area to explore a nice part of Medellin with loads of cool shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, hostels – the lot. Here, you’ll never struggle for places to drink and go out. This area is even more fun when explored by scooter.

Free Walking Tour

Learn all about the city which, less than 30 years ago, was home to Pablo Escobar’s notoriously brutal Medellin cartel. There are some incredible statues in the city too, many by artist and sculpture Fernando Botero.

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

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You can get a really good travel card called a Civica. You can get a personalised Civica at San Antonio station and you pay for it monthly.

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Uber journeys are very cheap!

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