Why Lisbon?

It is a challenge not to fall in love with the city of Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has an effortless charm and beautiful, accessible beaches that rival its European competitors. Once you arrive, drinking coffee for just €1 and having a naughty pastel de nata for breakfast, you won’t want to leave. Thanks to its world class restaurants, art spaces, nightlife, bars, and theatres, all sewn into a tapestry of cobbled streets and sea breeze, Lisbon is a strong candidate for one of finest cities on earth.


"In Lisbon I was working at the University as a sports media intern. I am really enjoying working as it gives me a sense of working within a foreign, professional environment. Even if the job seems hard to find, keep looking as it will be worth it!"

LX Factory

A Hipster’s Mecca. This collection of shops, cafés and restaurants located in reconfigured textiles factory. Get yourselves down here on a sunny weekend and enjoy some cold beers, artisan products and wonderful vibes! Don't miss out on the nearby Village Underground complex either- a grungier option which plays host to some wonderful events.

Feira de Ladra/Mercado de Santa Clara

Every Tuesday & Saturday, located just behind the major train station, is a bargain hunter’s paradise! Watch out for your pockets, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy working your way through the endless collections of bugiganga (loosely translated to ‘bits and bobs’) on offer.

Monte Agudo

The city is ideal for panoramic views thanks to the seaside and layered rooftops. Many head to Miradouro da Graça or the sightlier busier but equally as spectacular: Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. Why not step even further afield and find a real hidden gem? Monte Agudo along with its beautiful little café is a favourite spot for many!


The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is a mammoth example of modern design, beautifully curved and expertly worked into the cityscape and the seaside walk. The quality of the exhibitions is consistently excellent, but quite frankly, the building itself is worth a trip in its own right.

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  • Biking
  • Public Transport

Cycling is sometimes a little challenging due to the hilly structure of the city, but for traversing the long promenade along the coast, there are few things more enjoyable than one of the numerous electric scooters that are dotted intermittently. There are many competitors all at slightly different prices, but zooming along the seafront avoiding tourists and breathing in that sea air is the definition of travelling in style. Try it out, and be careful…

The Lisbon metro is easy to navigate, but it may take a while to get your bearings around the big city. Monthly transport tickets start at €40, with single tickets starting at €1.50. The Lisboa Viva card is also a great choice for students unsure about how much they will use the metro. You top it up with credit and then use it like you would use travel cards in other major cities – the big benefit is that ‘zapping’ fees are slightly cheaper at €1.34.

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"Hi! I’m Becca and I worked for both of my year abroad placements (2018-2019); firstly as an English Teaching Assistant in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and secondly as a Sports Social Media Intern at Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal. Although very different professional and cultural experiences, I loved them both equally and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about either of the jobs or cities!"

Joe Samrai

"Hi I’m Joe, a recent graduate from the University of Bristol. I studied in Bogotá, Colombia at the Universidad de Los Andes before going to Lisbon, Portugal to work as a Translation and Communications Intern at a translation company."

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