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Why Leipzig?

Creative, confident and effortlessly cool, Leipzig is one of Germany’s trendiest cities. Innovative use of repurposed urban space and a thriving music and arts scene have marked the recent trajectory of this former East German industrial hub. Comparisons with Berlin in style and atmosphere only tell half the story of this young, green city. Trust us, Leipzig’s proud individualism and lively character will blow you away.


"Leipzig is a city that is really connected to nature so it would be a shame not to enjoy the greenery, especially while it lasts before winter."
Year Abroad 19/20


Once the beating heart of Leipzig’s cotton industry, this former factory complex has been repopulated by artists and designers. The enigmatic space is now home to multiple galleries, studios and restaurants. Not to be missed.


This jaw-dropping memorial commemorating the Battle of the Nations offers historical insight into Leipzig’s past as well as stunning views over the city from its viewing platform. Even more breathtaking by night.


Feinkost is one of Leipzig’s most exciting urban spaces, home to flea markets, cafés, open air cinema events as well as a beautiful Christmas market. A real treat all year round.

The Best of Leipzig



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It’s pretty convenient if you get a bike. There are loads of places you can get them cheap – Ebay Kleine Anzeige. But also bikes are readily available at cheap second hand bike shops like ‘Fahrrad Willy’ and also flea markets and Facebook as well (a lot of Erasmus students sell their old bikes when they leave). It is highly recommended to get a bike especially if you’re far out from the centre – they’re really great to use in the summer when its warm and just give so much more freedom and everyone has them, Leipzig is a really bike aware city!

A really cool bike subscription service, you can rent bikes for only 15 euros a month with repairs included in your subscription. Check it out: Swapfiets.

Being a student at the Universität Leipzig, you get free public transport throughout the Central German Transport Network (MDV) which is paid for through the semester fee (around €220) at the start of term. This includes trams, regional trains (not ICE) and buses. Your Unicard serves as your ticket for this and this is an amazing perk as a student. Equally if you just want to use the trams/ buses you really need to get the app ‘easy.Go’. It’s the app for all local transport in the MDV area so it gives all timetables and information about trams and buses that you need, you just need to put in a start and destination stop.

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General FAQs

Barcelona is mostly a fairly flat city, where it’s always sunny, so getting around by bike is a very good option. Barcelona has its own version of Boris bikes called Bicing. Also apps like Yego where you can rent mopeds all over the city for around 20 cents a minute.

It is also a good option to buy a T-10 card. With this card you will have 10 trips on all public transport, otherwise it’s €2.20 per ride. The metro runs 5am to midnight Sunday to Thursday, till 2am on Friday and 24 hours on Saturday.

Avoid Uber if you can. It’s a very small city, so its very easy to walk places. FreeNow is a reliable taxi service around the city.

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