Why Geneva?

When a city is blessed with a natural source of water, it is quite remarkable to see how life revolves around it. Geneva, and the gorgeous mountain-backed lake that it possesses, is a perfect example of this. This is a city of refinement, of luxury and delight and the breathtakingly fresh waters of its lake are crammed with establishments which embody all of this. The great, wild Alps watch over you as you walk through the city centre, the glamorous shopping districts and the impressive Old Town and yet, somehow, wherever you are, you always find yourself back at with a cold drink and some friends by the lake, cool and inviting as always.


"When winter falls on this city, the delights of the great outdoors continue to greet you with open arms. Hiking, skiing and more are at your fingertips! Despite the jaw-dropping, eye-boggling prices you’ll need to learn to navigate, when you get the hang of living in this city you may just fall in love with it. Many, many do. And not just bankers either!"

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

Start by admiring the panoramic view of the lake from the Jardin Anglais. From there you can walk over to the Left bank and admire the famous Jet D’eau fountain which is one of Geneva’s landmarks. We recommend you going to the Bains des Pâquis where you can enjoy a cheese fondue by the lake side, a dip in the water or even a hammam for only 2CHF!

International Museum of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent:

The Museum represents a place of memory, creation and debate around all the past and current events in which the International Red Cross and Red Crescent have been involved in. If there is any museum in Geneva worth seeing it is by far this one.

The Salève

Feeling like a hike in the mountains? Head to the top of the Salève to enjoy a beautiful walk and view of Geneva. If you are lucky you might even see the Mt Blanc from there! You can either walk up the mountain through very well marked paths or hop on the teleferic and slowly rise above the town effortlessly.

The Old Town

From the Place de Neuve head up the Treille and catch your breath by sitting on the longest bench in Europe. Admire the old canons that once saved the town from foreign invaders. The Cathedral is open all year round with stunning panoramic views.

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It’s easy to get around the centre of Geneva on foot but if you are too tired or wanting to go further out of town the public transport never disappoints. Not only is it super clean (which is a big deal for swiss people) but it is also on time 99.9% of the time (another big deal for the swiss). The buses, trams and boats (mouettes) are all under the same company so one ticket works for all. It is definitely worth investing in a Swiss Pass. If you know you are going to take them often it is worth getting a daily pass (between 8CHF and 10CHF). If not, you can easily pick a ticket up at the bus/tram/boat stop or even on the bus/tram (as long as you can pay contactless). The boats (mouettes) only work during the summer and spring as the water becomes too cold during the rest of the year. As for those of you who want to explore Geneva and its surroundings you can easily book a train ticket online and head to pretty much anywhere in Switzerland (and Europe)!

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