Why Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a unique city full of history. With shorter workdays, a strong cycling culture and hippie community, it has been coined the happiest in the world. There’s fantastic Danish cuisine and great transportation so you don’t have to think twice whilst sightseeing.  Just watch out – it’s pretty expensive!


"Christiania was one of my favourite places to chill out, explore nature, meet new people and for nightlife. It’s unlike anywhere else in the city and it’s rich history, art and culture is very special."

Islands Brygge Harbour Bath

The clean water quality in Copenhagen’s harbours mean public harbour baths are a popular summer-time. Many people can be found along one of the most popular islands: Brygge. Dive off of the architectural five-metre springboard designed by the well-known Bjarke Ingels Group is not one to miss!

Botanical Garden

The historical multi-level glasshouse in Copenhagen’s botanical garden is a picturesque site to visit. With charming rock pools, thousands of species of plants and trees and even a butterfly house, it offers an idyllic escape from the daily bustle of the city centre.

Folkehuset Absalon

Located on Vesterbro’s Sønder Boulevard, Absalon, the self-titled ‘living-room from home’ is a community space that offers a variety of events everyone can take part in. From delicious home-cooked community dinners to life drawing and wine sessions. The cosy, friendly atmosphere is a great environment to spend quality time with friends & meet locals.

The Cobbled Side Streets of Nørrebro

Picturesque views of the main tourist hub of Copenhagen with colourful houses and the canals as a backdrop to your delicious sandwich from the local food markets. Great views of the whole city from the Church Spire.

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

If you’re looking for short-term stays:

Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

If you’re looking for short-term stays:


The Danes love a good drink and there is a wide variety of options – from lowkey pubs to bars, clubs and cocktail bars. There is nightlife to suit all kinds of people – for dancy-type bars entry is usually free but for more hardcore club nights you’ll need to pre-order tickets. It’s hard to find cheap student prices but a must-go place for a guaranteed good time without spending too much would be the Jazz Bar in Christiania – and any bar in Christiania in general. Such a friendly atmosphere and live music until early hours. Beers were only 20kr (about £2.50). 

It’s difficult to find anything cheap in Copenhagen – and that’s saying something being a student from London! If you’re looking for cheap drinks, stick to local pubs – a favourite is Karrusellen off Nørrebrogade. Then once you’re liquored up you can move on to the centre or places like the meatpacking district for a more party, trendy, youthful atmosphere.

Smoking is allowed indoors at many pubs and some bars so by the end of the night you’re clothes/hair might smell…

Top Tip:  Sign up to be a volunteer at Distortion Festival. Anyone can sign up, you give up a few hours working a bar, setting up stages etc, and you get free access to the whole festival. The week leading up to the actual music festival had street parties all over the city – it’ll definitely be the highlight of your year!


You must travel by bike - it is the most common, most efficient and most enjoyable way to live in the city. Buy a second-hand bike for cheap - don't rent a new one. Build a good relationship with your seller so you can negotiate prices if your bike needs fixing at any point and if you have visitors and want to strike a good deal for renting short-term for them. It's very easy to sell the bike at the end of the year on facebook groups. 

Transport is run by DSB - there are lots of buses and trains - overground and underground - which are all well connected. They have the equivalent of an oyster card which you can top up at most stations. The DOT Mobilbilletter travel app is good for buying tickets and finding travel routes.

Uber doesn't exist in Denmark but there are taxis all over.

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