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Cheap & Fun Things to Do in Bogotá, Colombia

With bustling colonial plazas sitting beside ultramodern skyscrapers, Colombia’s capital city has a mix of contrasts. Forget the outdated stereotypes of this place as a drug and crime haven. These days, Bogotá is a safe and forward-thinking city that is trending, not only as a spot for travellers but for studying and working abroad programmes.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Bogotá.

Free Graffiti Tour

A fantastic tour of Bogotá’s world famous Graffiti scene. On a donation basis, this tour is definitely worth taking and learning about the city’s history too. You will often be able to ask your 

Head into a fascinating underground Cathedral

Every heard of a cathedral 200m underground? La Catedral De Sal is a cathedral built within the tunnels of a salt mine near the city of Zipaquirá. A fascinating tour indeed. Some delicious local BBQ spots nearby and a time to relax by the Lake Guatavita.

Get the cable car up to Montserrate for sunset

No matter where you are in the city, you can see the iconic Montserrate. It’s definitely worth getting the cable car up there for sunset and taking some great photos of Bogotá’s huge skyline..

La Chorrera Waterfall

Colombia’s largest waterfall! A short bus journey outside of Bogotá is definitely worth visiting to get out of the urban sprawl..

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