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Why Cairo?

Cairo is probably one of the most hectic cities in the world. With a poplulation of 20 million people you can imagine the absolute carnage that ensues. It is definitely a complete culture shock and so far removed from anything you will ever experience in the UK and it takes a while to settle down. If you get overwhelmed easily its maybe not the place for you. The people are the best bit about Egypt. They are incredibly friendly and have a great sense of humour and you’ll never be lacking for friends. 


"Arabic is one of the hardest languages in the world to learn so don't be put out by how little you will be able to converse at the beginning, it will come."

Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo, where you can sit in an al-fresco cafe and drink tea and smoke shisha whilst you watch the madness unfold.

Walking around Islamic Cairo

This is a must. There are mosques dating back to the 15th century and is home to the famous Khan al Khalili market which is a rabbit-warren of dangling lanterns, spice stalls and silver merchants.

Suq al-Wikala

You'll love going to this massive second clothes market. There are thousands of vintage clothes there, you could even set up your own depop business like Jack did!

The Pyramids

No explanation needed!

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Looking for long term stays? Read our guide below. 

Best areas to live in:

Downtown is the liveliest part of town and there’s also a place called Zamalek which is slightly more upmarket and full of expats but is relatively expensive (you’re probably paying £300 instead of £150 in downtown). Use Craigslist for private and shared flats as is really good. There are also Facebook groups which people post in looking for flatmates called “accommodation in Cairo”. Very easy to sign a flat, all you have to do is pay a month’s rent as a deposit. Make sure to get a contract copy when you sign the documents!

What our students have to say:

If you’re looking for short-term stays:

If you’re looking for short-term stays:


"One thing to add that it is obviously tougher for a girl to live in Cairo and there are high levels of harassment, which mainly takes the form of calling out, but unfortunately that is the inconvenient truth. That said, I've never heard of any girls being physically touched by a man."


In terms of food there are some lovely local foods such as Koshari, which is a melee of fried onion, lentils, macaroni, chickpeas and a garlicy tomato sauce. Can generally buy a tub enough for two people for the equivalent of £1. There are also falafel shops on every corner where they sell an array of vegetable dips such as babaganoush, mousaka, shakshouka (scrambled egg with tomatoes) and of course the famous falafel. again, each sandwich is about 25p. In terms of booze there are some really cool bars. My personal favourite is a bar called horreya which is a bar from the 1960s and they sell you the local "Stella" (not quite Stella Artois) for £1.50. There are some slightly more boujee places such as the rooftop bar in Zamalek, which has a spectacular sunset view. Also, the intercontinental hotel just of the famous Tahrir Square is a nice pocket of luxury and again has an amazing view. My favourite restuarants are Abu Tariq (Koshary), Abou el Sid (Egyptian), and Taboula (Lebanese).


Subscribe to a Facebook page called Cairo Scene for the latest cultural events, of which there are a lot but are quite hard to hear about.

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White Taxis are absolutely everywhere and a 20 minute ride only costs about £1. There is obviously Uber out there for pretty much the same price and they have GPS.

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