Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is much more than marijuana and the Red Light District – it has so many upbeat, diverse scenes to explore. From the old, colourful buildings to the small canals, bridges and bikes, Amsterdam has a unique and charming appearance. There are dozens of areas in this capital city, each of them telling their own, interesting story. It’s not just Dutch culture that you’ll find here, either, since this international city is so diverse.


"Living in Amsterdam was definitely a totally different experience to visiting the city as a teenager. Once you get to know the city you realise how much the city has to offer!"

Draft pints at Brouwerij’t Ij

Located in a former bathhouse right under Amsterdam’s biggest windmill, this is the perfect place to meet up with friends and have a few local beers. Click here to explore.


Get a ferry to the north to check out this restaurant/bar made of shipping containers, cosy in the winter and nice outdoor area by the water in the summer with live music.

Huis van Iemand Anders

Translating as The House Of Someone Else, this super cool bar has live music and DJs. Head down for a cool, vibrant atmosphere and some great cocktails. The interior is great!

Canvas Bar

Head to CANVAS (7th floor of Volkshotel) in the East part of the city. This is also a great hostel to stay. You can eat, drink, or chill in the jacuzzis on the 8th floor on Sundays. On weekends, you have fun events with DJs & live music. The basement of Volkshotel (DOKA) has cool parties as well. 

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" I lived in Oost (East) surrounded by students. Oost is a great part of the city but is sadly being quickly gentrified, filling up with 'trendy' bars and small independent cafes and shops. There is a great fusion of Middle Eastern, Surinamese, Moroccan and Turkish influences, reflecting the demographic of local residents."
Cocomama is a very nice hostel, it's in 'De Pijp', right in the centre of Amsterdam. The staff are very friendly and it's not too expensive. If you want to stay in the middle of the park in the East part of Amsterdam, which is really nice, stay at Generator Hostel. Cool places and there's also a bar/club in the basement; Oosterbar. With every weekend lots of nice music events and nice DJs. Flying Pig Uptown is also a great hostel, right on Vondel Park. It has breakfast included, very close to a supermarket and bike rentals. Also great for party vibes and group bookings.
  • Useful Tips
  • Safety
  1. You are lucky to live in Amsterdam in and around the city for less than €800/month - especially as a non-dutch. Hostels:

As with any city, it is always helpful to take precautions. 'Petty crime', theft – especially of bicycles – and pickpocketing does occur in Amsterdam, particularly in the city centre, on trains, trams and near the tourist sites.


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  • Biking
  • Public Transport

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, then don’t rent one. The locals hate the tourists who think they can ride a bike, but don’t know any of the rules of the city and the paths. It is tricky as there are so many bikes and it can get hectic! Cycling is the main mode of transport in Amsterdam. Otherwise, you can walk so much because it’s a small city.

The city is unbelievably well connected and the airport is so easy on the metro. Wherever you are in the city you will always be near a tram/metro/overground train, too.

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