Our Guide to Accommodation

We would recommend booking an Airbnb for your first couple of weeks in Switzerland before fully committing to accommodation. Options vary from smaller, intimate flats to big international party houses full of students.

Universal resources for accommodation in Switzerland

Accommodation in Geneva

Useful Tips:

Rent is not easy to sort in this city. Whilst there are many Facebook groups which are great resources for searching, but finding something under 1000 CHF can be difficult, with absolute bargains starting at around 600 CHF! For those that simply cannot afford to pay that, a one-off investment in a bicycle is a must so that you can live across the border in one of the many popular French towns with commuters. 

Best areas to live in:

In Geneva, the most popular neighbourhoods are the trendy and diverse Jonction, Eaux Vives and Plainpalais which are a bit more upmarket or the tranquil, village-like charm of Carouges (a little further out). Our biggest tip: take what you can! Annemasse, Prévessin and the most popular, Ferney-Voltaire are all 30 minutes (more or less) from the city centre.