Our Guide to Accommodation

in Russia

Top Tips:

Just make sure you’ve always got your documentation in order. If you have got a visa and are registered, you are there legally, so make sure you’ve got all the paperwork to show for it and you should be OK. The police do ask for documents much more frequently than in the UK, especially when they sniff out that you’re foreign.

Otherwise, home stays tend to be the best way to immerse yourself into the local culture.

Universal resources for accommodation in Russia

Accommodation in St.Petersburg

Useful Tips:

  1. Look into living with a barbushka (homestay) for a more authentic Russian experience. It’s possible that the family will cook for you, so if you want freedom, you may want to find your own place. It can be very limiting if you have a strict family. 
  2. Find a flat using Facebook groups or AirBnB, they have cheaper prices for longer stays.
  3. Another typical lodging options for an international student in Russia are a university dormitory. St. Petersburg is well known for having the most expensive apartments. This can be organised through the university.


Best areas to live in:

If you can live by the Fontanca river, there’s lots of cool bars, restaurants and it’s really lively area. Other areas we recommend are the Petrogradsky or the Admiralteysky District.