Our Guide to Accommodation

Look on various Facebook groups and ask around in the neighbourhood you want to live in. Expect to pay approximately £200 a month (950,000 pesos). We recommend finding a house that is mainly, or all, Latinos so you can vastly improve your language. Some parts of the city can also be dangerous at night, so try to avoid being out alone after 9pm. Lastly, Don’t get ripped off because you’re foreign. Do some research on Colombian Facebook pages to see what the general price for rooms are. Don’t search on google for rooms, most websites are ridiculously expensive and will be mainly English speaking people.

Universal resources for accommodation in Colombia

Accommodation in Medellín

Useful Tips:

Definitely stay in the Laureles and Poblado districts where everything is popping off. Be warned, it it can be expensive – being in the best neighbourhood in town doesn’t often come cheap. Envigado is also very nice area, but also very residential. 


As for hostels, the Black Sheep Hostel is a really fun hostel run by a Kiwi called Kelvin. Unlike many other hostels, it doesn’t offer food or a bar, but this allows travellers to cook in their impressively equipped kitchen. It’s very clean and always has a good atmosphere in the evenings as well as a TV to watch the football on the weekends. Purple Monkey is also very good, but a quieter option, whereas Casa Kiwi is another favourite of most travellers in Medellin and all walking distance from ATMs, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

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Useful Tips:

We recommend staying around the Chapinero, La Candelaria or Teusaquillo neighbourhoods. They’re the most lively in the city with a good selection of tourism, culture, art and food.

R10 is a company where it is recommended to find accommodation. It has incredibly sociable and fun places to live and you are guaranteed a great time. Their properties are in the heart of Bogotá in La Candelaria and super close to the university. More or less the rent is 840,000 COP a month which is around £200.

As a backpacker, stay in either Masaya Hostel, Cranky Croc Hostel or Alegria Hostel. All cost less than £8 a night
– If you’re in La Candelaria during the night, don’t walk around alone, especially not around El Parque de las Periodistas.

What our students have to say: