Our Guide to Accommodation

Livinn is a good website if you want something easy and to have it sorted before you go. It’s cheaper to find a place in a shared house, so try living with people who speak the language if possible, as the small talk and opportunities for socialising are very good. We strongly recommend against living in a studio as it is incredibly easy to feel lonely when you first arrive and difficult to make close friends right away, especially if you’re working.

Universal resources for accommodation in Chile

Accommodation in Santiago

Best areas to live in:

Areas recommended are Providencia, which is a lot more residential. It is the best mix of decent transport links, safety, lots of bars and placement near the centre. Other areas of the city which are good include Las Condes, Centro, Ñuñoa and Barrio Italia, Manuel Mont. It’s a great idea to have an AirBnb or hotel booked for the first few days you’re there. Do your research about what areas of the city to look for and distance from the nearest metro stop is essential for transport. It’s also very easy to find accommodation once you’re that so don’t worry about that beforehand.

What our students have to say: