Our Guide to Accommodation

We would recommend booking an Airbnb for your first couple of weeks in Argentina before fully committing to accommodation. Options vary from smaller, intimate flats to big international party houses full of students.

Universal resources for accommodation in Argentina

Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Best areas to live in:

The main area we would recommend would be Palermo (Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Viejo – all the “Palermos” are great and have their own slightly different character). Other areas are Villa Crespo (cheaper than Palermo but slightly less safe) and Recoleta (safe, but not as buzzing and lively as Palermo). There are some useful Facebook groups such as Buenos Aires Real Estate and BA Expat Page/ Buenos Aires Real Estate are also great for finding houses. Craigslist sounds dodgy but there are some really good finds on here.

If you’re willing to pay more, get ready for roof terraces, swimming pools and outdoor kitchens. But, it’s also very possible to find cheap gems in the city. dangerous at night, so try to avoid being out alone after 9pm, and definitely don’t walk around La Candelaria (the old town) alone in non crowded areas after if gets dark.

What our students have to say: