5 Top Tips For A Post-Pandemic Gap Year

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Wow, what a year it’s been. And (mostly) not in a good way, as you well know.

However, if you’re fortunate enough to be emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic hale and hearty, you might be beginning to think about restarting those radical sabbatical travel plans that were put on pause in 2020. You certainly won’t be the only adventurer with itchy feet whose eyes are glued to the travel updates ready for when we can safely book flights and accommodation.

So, to tame your wanderlust while you patiently wait to embark on your perfect global travel itinerary, take a small step back and check out these five tips for a post-pandemic gap year.

1. Check official travel advice

This one is probably obvious to all you seasoned travellers, but you’d be surprised how many people will try to book flights and make arrangements without seeking proper guidance – even in the current circumstances! 

So, before you make any moves, check official foreign travel advice from your government and you’ll feel more confident about everything – from visa requirements to health and security issues.

2. Talk to your embassy/consulate in each location

Your next move is locating your national embassy or consulate in every different country you’re travelling to – you can find this information easily online. Here’s the list of British embassies and consulates

Contact consular services to let them know when you’re planning to travel and where you’ll be staying. If things go wrong, these are the officials who can get you home – it’s a smart move to make them aware of you.

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3. Don’t forget travel insurance

Don’t even leave your sofa without making sure you’ve got travel insurance to cover the entire duration of your trip – and it must include Covid-19! 

Not sure which provider to choose? Check out this list of firms offering Covid-19 cover from Which? With comprehensive travel insurance sorted, you can take off with peace of mind.

4. Book safe accommodation

If only there was a way to check if the hotels and short term rentals you’re planning on staying in are Covid-19 safe…

Don’t panic – there is! At safetravelbarometer.com, you’ll find accommodation rated according to cleanliness and sanitation criteria. They also rate airports and leisure activity facilities too. There are already over 2000 travel companies worldwide whose premises are rated on the site, and the list is growing daily.

“Always check official foreign travel advice from your government before you make any moves”

5. Study on the move

As long as you’re staying in places with a decent internet connection, studying for a degree or another type of vocational qualification while you’re on the move can add another dimension to your long-term trip. It could even mean you can switch to a more exciting job when you return home!

There are lots to choose from, but an online MBA from ARU Distance Learning is a great pick for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Now you’ve read our top tips for your post-pandemic travel plans, take care, be prepared, and (when the time comes) bon voyage!

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