4 Travel Vloggers You Should Be Following

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Travel is the ideal way to capture the feeling of how we experienced life when we were younger; it’s a way to slow down the flow of time that wears down our daily lives. This is the reason why, when we travel, we feel the need to record it – so that we can come back again and again, to remember the beautiful moments and experiences we’ve had. This is essentially what vloggers do – record experiences, inviting us to share them along the way.

The content creators below are ordinary people who developed their passion, managed to make money out of it, and have been able to become known to the whole world through the power of the Internet.

Christoph Rehage became world-famous for just the hair on his head – sort of. In 2008, he walked 4500 kilometres across China, taking a photo of himself every day. He then had the brilliant idea of using the photos to make a timeline of his trip, the length of the journey demonstrated by his growing hair and beard. 49 million views later, Christoph is (unbelievably) still going, and you can follow his walk from China to his home village of Bad Nenndorf, Germany at https://thelongestway.com/.

Matthew Karsten, also known as Expert Vagabond, lives life to the limit. In every video on his YouTube channel, he’s done some kind of extreme acrobatic feat or risked losing his life, seemingly for fun. He does everything with style in every country he visits (and there are plenty!) and has managed to turn his passion into a profession. No, we’re not jealous at all.

These travel bloggers all have ways to make their ideas stand out. If you’re an aspiring travel blogger and want to share your passion with the rest of the world, all you need to do is find your own way to present it. Don’t follow the beaten track – see what makes you unique!

Nadine Sykora has visited over 55 countries, documenting each and every one on her YouTube channel over the past ten years. Nadine has literally toured the world and has divided her channel into handy sections for each continent, providing useful tips and advice for every situation under the sun. Smiling along the way, she’s living every aspiring travel vlogger’s dream.

Alex Chacon travels the world on two wheels – motorcycles – allowing us to see places that, ordinarily, we might not be able to. He also shoots 360-degree videos, showing every inch of the landscape that surrounds him. With a total of over 45 million views, there’s plenty to see!

The best videos are both professional and entertaining. A good solution is to use voice-overs in your travel videos. Voice-over can help to improve your personal narrative, directing the viewer. You can choose to do the voice-overs yourself in your videos, or you could use a professional voice actor. Through Voquent, you can find the voice actor who’ll best suit your video’s needs, so you can become the world’s next viral travel vlogger! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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